Physician Fee Schedule Search

The tool below provides access to the VA Fee Schedule. Please note that the VA Fee Schedule is typically updated annually on October 1. It is then effective from the time it is published until the next update is released. The schedule varies from one VA Medical Center (VAMC) to another. The applicable VAMC is the one that referred the care. It is not determined based on the provider of the Veteran’s location. Please note that there is not a VA Fee Schedule rate for every code.

Alaska Providers only: your VAMC has not released a new Fee Schedule for 2019. As such, we will continue pricing based on the FY18 schedule.

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Please select a date of service (month/year): * ?
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Select the date of service that occurred. The rates do change annually with the updates typically occurring on October 1.

Users should select the VAMC that referred the care. If there is not an active referral, select the VAMC closest to your location, as this is the most likely source.

Enter the first 5 characters of the CPT/HCPCS code. Do not enter any special characters or modifiers. All modifiers that exist for that code that are part of the fee schedule will appear in the search results. Please note that there may not be a rate for every code and/or modifier.